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Ask A Scientist, It's Just Quantum Physics

We're All In This Together

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22. Loved. Australian. Crazy. Random Procrastinator.<3 Friends.<3 Music.<3 Movies.<3 Books. I post on RL, fandoms and anything inbetween.
My graphics community: denial_grafix

Alias. Bones. CSI. CSI:NY. Chuck. Daria. Doctor Who. Gossip Girl. Grey's Anatomy. Harry Potter. NCIS. Robin Hood(BBC). Sherlock(BBC). Star Wars. Supernatural. Torchwood. Twilight. Vampire Diaries.

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3 doors down, alias, angel, bbc, benedict cumberbatch, billie piper, blackpool, bones, breaking banjamin, breaking dawn, captain jack, captain jack harkness, carlisle/esme, cedric/harry, charlotte bronte, chaser's war on everything, christopher eccleston, cillian murphy, cpt jack harkness, csi, csi:ny, david tennant, doctor who, downton abbey, dr who, eclipse, edward/bella, emily bronte, emmett/rosealie, ewan mcgregor, explosions in the sky, fanfiction, florence + the machine, forensic science, game of thrones, gossip girl, graphics, greenday, grey's anatomy, harry potter, harry potter series, harry/cedric, hart of dixie, hayden christenson, heroes, history, holmes, ian somerhalder, icons, inception, ioan gruffudd, j.r.r. tolkien, jane austen, jane eyre, jasper/alice, jennifer garner, jensen ackles, john barrowman, jonas armstrong, jonathan rhys meyers, kristin stewart, life on mars, little dorrett, lord of the rings, lucy griffiths, luther, martin freeman, matt bomer, matt smith, matthew macfadyen, michael vartan, michael weatherly, micheal weatherly, midsomer murders, movies, muse, music, ncis, new moon, nickelback, once upon a time, orlando bloom, photography, photoshop, pirates of the carribeann, placebo, pride and prejudice, queer as folk, richard armitage, robert pattinson, robert pattison, robin hood, robin hood bbc, robin/marian, rose, rose tyler, sherlock, sherlock bbc, sherlock holmes, silk (bbc), snow patrol, something corporate, spooks, star wars, step up, supernatural, tardis, thank god you're here, the big bang theory, the doctor, the fray, the glass house, the master, the torchwood institute, the vampire diaries, titanic, tom felton, torchwood, tv shows, twilight, watson, what about brian, whitechapel, wuthering heights, yellowcard